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Astro Theatre is where Astrology meets Technology

AstroLogoThe goal of Astro Theatre is to try to provide a better understanding of ourselves through the use of astrological principles. The Astro Theatre troupe had the idea of portraying the way the common symbols of astrology such as the planets, signs, and houses act upon the characteristics in a graphic environment instead of only using symbols and charts.



BartlettMichael Bartlett is a practicing astrologer and a business consultant in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He had his first astrology reading while obtaining his BA in Psychology from UCSC in the mid 1980’s. Michael is certified in Core Energetics, a body oriented process which integrates the body, mind, will, emotions and spirit into a cohesive conscious whole. Michael brings this depth of awareness to his readings as well as to his work with AstroTheatre. While AstroTheatre is his brain child, making it a reality would not be possible without the amazing hard work, insight, brilliance and determination of the rest of the AstroTheatre troupe: Christine Cianci, James Powell, Joshua and Tom Brady, and Judson Cary. Michael can be reached at Michael@AstroTheatre.net or 505.690.3860.

Website: CoreMichael.com; AstroTheatre.net

Original artwork by Christine Cianci (www.ccianciart.com) for AstroTheatre, LLC.
All artwork shown is © 2012 AstroTheatre, LLC.

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Where Astrology Meets Technology