What is Astrotheatre?

The Birth Chart

In order to understand Astro Theatre, it’s necessary to understand a little about how astrology works. Three important pieces of information are needed in order to cast a natal chart: the exact time, place and date of your birth. The natal chart is a map of the solar system when you were born, dividing the sky into 12 areas of life influence or “houses”. The placement of planets in the birth chart and their aspects to one another tell us something about the strengths and challenges of any particular individual, as well as the potentials lying within.  The natal chart speaks to us about the person we are becoming.

How Astro Theatre Uses Your Chart

Within “Astro Theatre”, the houses are represented as Stage within the theater, the planets become the Actors, and the 12 familiar signs are defined by Costumes and tools worn by the Actors. So we may end up with Venus, dressed in a costume characteristic of Scorpio walking in the 3rd house or Stage. The combinations found in your chart are very individualized.  While another person may be born the same day as you, their Astro Theater will be “staging a different play” because the placement of the planets in the chart change from minute to minute and depend on the location at the time of birth.

How Does It Work?

After you put in your name, birth date, time and place, you will see a wheel divided in 12 parts, and corresponding numbered doors. Click on a door and you will enter the dressing room where you will see the relevant Actors, clothe them in the costume of the sign, and choose tools for your actors to wear and use on the stage.  Hover your mouse over any of the actors or their costumes or tools or the stage and text will appear giving you some key words associated with each item as well as their glyphs or astrological symbols.

Our free Astro Theatre is fairly simple, showing your Sun dressed in the sign and house it habitates.  The Full version will show you a full chart, and offers more “tools” giving you a better feel for how your particular Astro Theatre works.

While looking at the costumed actors on the stages, see what is stirred in you. Do you feel that armor clad maiden on your relationship stage (Venus in Aries, in the seventh house of relationship)?, or do you feel the strong masculine part of you wearing black leather and reflective sunglasses on your Creativity stage (Sun in Scorpio on the fifth house of creativity)?

Each planet seeks an expression through us and to become familiar with what characteristics in our lives are affected by which planets is to become more aligned with the natural rhythms and cycles of our solar system.  The ancient knowledge of astrology has passed on to us a lexicon of meanings attached to particular planets and their aspects – the relationships or distances in degrees between planets. The tricky part is bringing this ancient wisdom into the electronic age. While some say that everything has changed and what was true in the past is no longer the case, we believe that the present is always built upon what came before. To discuss astrology outside of its historical framework is to remove its heart and portray it as a flat two dimensional subject devoid of depth. We present Astro Theatre in a way that honors the connections between the old and the new in a way that is accessible to the merely curious as well as the advanced astrologer.

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